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Front Page : Bloody Rage 2

2009-03-23 23:41:14 by SESSNET

So, I've got a Game out on Front Page

Bloody Rage 2

Woot! <3 TOM and NG



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2009-03-23 23:55:25

Good job ma, it's truly impressive!

SESSNET responds:

Thank you for the kind words!


2009-03-24 00:12:57

flip my burgors


2009-03-24 06:52:29

you had to make it 3d just so it can look crappy, eh ?

SESSNET responds:

Not as crappy as your 3D games :)


2009-03-24 11:01:53

There should be more use of the actual 3D movement instead of "just" 3D look. But it's pretty cool already. More effects and motion would make this nicer on the eye though.

SESSNET responds:

Not quite sure what you mean, can you explain or show me some video or something? Thanks


2009-03-24 16:28:57

You should give it that first bloody rage feel to it.You know the street fighter/mortal combat fight style.Other than that, it shows promise

SESSNET responds:


I am trying my best, however animations in 3D are a little bit harder (and take up more of the file size) than animations in 2D, otherwise I would have a lot more. But there WILL be more, and hopefully I can at least match the moves in part 1.


2009-03-25 21:08:24

it sucks


2009-03-25 21:51:25

Sorry man, the game is just bad. If you want to know why, look at my review.


2009-03-27 10:17:34

i making a 3d fighting game in flash is alot harder than a racing game


2009-03-28 23:21:23

Wow man, nice 3D engine.

Congratulations on the front page, you deserved it.


2009-03-28 23:22:08

Only flaw in my opinion is its like a 3D knockoff of Street Fighter.


2009-03-29 20:50:41

yeah man nice job,i'm kind of impressed coz you did that alone...this game was probably fucking hard to make and stuff, but that sucks =\
the overal look is so lame and well no nice moviments nothing really new or nice...
i mean ,you could make some nicer 3d models , diferent models at least, like a female one or something, and improve he moviments with something creative, coz kmon??? hadoken? heck that sucks and that 3D field was ridiculous, if you make something plane with a nice texture would be far away better!

this thing is far away fo being a nice game to play and having true fun with it!
not ,like, loling coz it is really crap!

i wish you good luck with this =)


2009-04-23 19:43:26

Flipping burgerz is rather tiring.


2009-11-02 02:36:06

I'm curious if you investigated making 2 sided models that could be attached at the hand and the like? If you allowed for transparent layers in the skins you could let players draw their own weapons with just a flat model and your skin editor (albeit with transparency features added), maybe even helmets, shoulderpads, gloves etc. And this would allow for you to make the models unique without actually having more than one model, especially if you created hair which too could be edited. I'm not sure how possible this is in flash, but considering how much you've already accomplished I'd believe it to be quite possible.


2009-11-09 13:38:56

how do i load my character i saved it where does my limage of the character go when i save and the game is over 9000 cool


2010-01-02 13:13:39

Obama got pwned make a new BR